Vegetarian Relapse

To my disappointment, I have relapsed to being a vegetarian. And it’s not because I miss dairy foods, it’s because I’m getting tired of preparing both vegetarian and vegan food at the same time (I cater vegetarian lunches and I eat only vegan, well used to, argh). I’m kind of frustrated with myself because I usually never back out from a challenge, and I was so sure that I can transition smoothly but it I really didn’t.


But my problem now isn’t really much that I’m a vegetarian again, because I can easily resolve that by finding more accessible vegan food and just buy it instead of making everything myself. My problem is with people who gloat and say that why be a vegan anyway. It just irritates me to anger and tears. As I have said a million times, I have no problem with meat eating; I consider it as a part of life. I understand that there are parts of the world where there are no alternatives and animals need to be consumed for the sake of survival. Or those small farmers have to farm and sell animals because that is their livelihood. Those things to me are pretty clear, people who don’t have better choices have that right. But to say in my face that it’s stupid to believe that animal abuse and exploitation should not be a real concern, then I just want to kick someone’s ass.

This is my fucking problem with following blind authority, wrong sense of grand self-entitlement, mass ignorant morons who have no capacity of opening their minds to what they can learn. Look, I’m not saying eating meat is evil or that people who eat meat are bad. I’m also not saying that I’m a better human being by trying to be a vegan. I’m saying that if you say animals are there and are just meant to be eaten, it makes you a self-entitled asshole who needs to be eaten by a lion so you can realize what the food chain really is.

If you think that what you eat are not exploited animals served to you by the greedy industrialized food industry then you are both ignorant and lazy. Open your freaking eyes and see that not only are the animals are exploited but also the farmers (you know, human beings) are exploited too. Why is it that people just can’t get their head out of their asses and think of anyone but themselves. The planet is not yours to destroy, and so are the things on it! And if you can’t sympathize to think that way, then you can already justify the mass murdering calamities happening to people as just nature’s revenge. Hey, it just so happens that typhoons, flood and hurricanes are earth’s way to kill off pests, so deal with it.
Sometimes I feel that it is so much easier to say I’m doing this for my health and nothing else, that way I don’t have to replay my monologue about animal abuse and the food industry. Sometimes I feel hopeless explaining things to those who won’t listen despite them asking the questions. To think that I’ve already had practice talking about atheism, I thought talking about veganism would be an easier transition but it turns out it’s not. Because people who don’t care, simply just don’t care. You cannot open the eyes of people who are asleep and who stay asleep towards what is already in front of them.


I guess I can give up trying to speak about these things, but that makes these morons win. To that I will refuse to stop because that will warrant more ignorance. If people stop talking about it, chances are, people will think it’s not real and not true. I am not preaching though, although I think it sounds as if I am. I’m just trying to spread the information. I think what people need to understand it that what I say is not to feel about yourself, I am not attacking anyone and what they do. I am raising these concerns and the idea of veganism to people because I think it will be useful to anyone willing to lend an ear because it might change your life. For now, I will go on explaining myself repetitively about it in the hopes of finding a friend who will understand or someone I can help change.


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