Pacific Rim Movie Review (No Spoilers)

pacific_rim_posters_gipsy_dangerPlease do forgive my hiatus, as I was busy and did not feel like going to the cinemas, I felt that I could let the movies just pass and just watch it afterwards. (Note that bypassing World War Z was a mistake, but I’ll see it tonight so please don’t crucify me). I’ll be posting my review of it tomorrow and maybe another for Despicable Me 2. I’ll also probably me be watching Before Midnight but will see the 1st two movies first. But now, I cannot let the weekend pass by and not let you know if you should watch Pacific Rim.


As a child of the 90s who grew up with sentai with my Saturday breakfast, I was so pumped to watch Pacific Rim. Because not only were there cool robots, there were cool robotS,(emphasis on the S meaning plural). And I have to say after watching the movie; I am still a bit reserved on how awesome it was. Granted that the massive effing robots were freaking awesome (the details, the gadgets, the designs were well thought of), I do have a lot of qualms with the acting in the film.


Pacific Rim is about the Kaiju (giant beasts) coming out of the earth’s crust from another dimension and to fight them off, humans (meaning all human race) worked together to build a defense line of jaegers (hunters) through the jaeger project. But the main story revolves around this guy who used to pilot who faced this unfortunate event from being a pilot and he quit. But after 5 years, the jaegers were being declared obsolete by the government and funding will be stopped as they are trying to build a wall to fend off the kaijus (I think they were thinking, hey, it worked with the white walkers in Game of Thrones, maybe we can use them with Kaijus). To this, the head director of the program, Idris Elba is trying to build a team that will eliminate the root cause of the war to end finally end their cities from getting attacked by the beasts.


This movie is directed and co-written by Guillermo del Torro which makes it a mixed bag for me as I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hellboy I but I really liked Hellboy II and Pan’s Labyrinth. The cast are people whom I am not familiar with other than Idris Elba who was awesome in Prometheus so I didn’t really know what I was going to get with the movie in general.


Much like when I saw Man of Steel, somehow I felt underwhelmed with the movie. But let me be clear that the movie was spectacular. The graphics, the cinematography, the size was so gloriously produced that you can’t imagine the scale of the production sets made for this film. It is just that I didn’t like the two main actors, meaning the main guy who I can’t even remember the name and the Japanese girl who looked like she came straight out of a manga (due to the hair) with expressions like she’s performing in porn (yes, the please don’t hurt me but I like it look and voice).


The direction and the plot were fine, they weren’t great but they were ok. They made a clear enough movie that the giant awesome robots can blast giant freaking beasts in the gut. But the visuals and the details of the sets were spectacular; I mean I saw it in 3D and the amount of work that they put into the details of not only the robots but the sets were pretty cool. All the fighting scenes were awesome; it definitely feels like putting the fantasy battle of Godzilla vs a giant robot in your head a reality. The robots were amazing; each robot had a character of their own as they had individual gadgets that they used based on the people who pilot them. It was really awesome, if for anything else, if you really like robots, you can see it just for that.


And now, the thing that brought the film down for me was the acting. The main guy who I didn’t care for overacted to much that I wanted to punch him in the face. He doesn’t understand subtlety at the least. While watching the movie, I kept thinking I wish Tom Hardy would play the main guy so that it would be awesome, because he has that brooding damaged but will kick your ass feel to him. The other main character which was the Japanese girl was also an over actor. I just hated her and wanted her to die the entire time. So unfortunately with my distaste with the people on screen half the time, it somehow annoyed me to death. Idris Elba was cool in the movie but I felt he wasn’t the bad ass I thought he was going to be. But the fun part for me were the scientists who helped the project as they were reminiscent of the robot thing that helped every sentai show.


All in all, I have to say despite the irritating acting, I still liked Pacific Rim a lot. Not that I have the same feeling I had when I saw Star Trek Into Darkness but I wasn’t as angry as I was when I saw Oblivion. It a formula you know by heart but the visuals are definitely glorious, and for that I have to say it is a MUST SEE NOW (in 3D). Hope you enjoyed this review and I’ll be posting more reviews soon! Let me know  if you liked Pacific Rim or you don’t agree with my thoughts on it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pacific Rim Movie Review (No Spoilers)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    I had a good time with this flick because it was as loud and stupid as I expected. However, I wish there was at least more attention paid to the characters and their development. Good review.

    • Paning Dalan says:

      Thanks! The graphics were definitely awesome but the characters plus the sucky didn’t help the vanilla plot of the movie. I just re-watched Pan’s Labyrinth and I wonder, where the hell did the magic go? I think del Torro has way more substance than this.

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