Despicable Me 2 Movie Review

Despicable-Me-2-PosterYes, despite being a serious person, I watch animations too! I do have a heart you know? And I have to say, I laughed a lot with this film. I am a huge minion fan, I even think that my favorite trailer of all time were the minions singing the banana potato song (how much do I love it? I sing pretty much all the time, so that’s how much).


So obviously Despicable Me 2 is a follow up movie to Despicable Me. In this one, Gru has left his evil villain ways to become a full-fledged father to the 3 girls he adopted from the first film (on how he formally adopted them, I don’t know as he doesn’t really scream, adoptive father but this is a kid’s movie, so I try not to think about that). However, unfortunately for Gru, he has to get back to the game as he is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to find a villain who stole a top secret formula who turns cuddly rabbits into rabid eating monsters.


I have to say that this movie is probably funnier than the first one and it because of the minions. In the first one, you see them and they are funny. But in this one, they got so much screen time that you wait for their next antic because you know it will be hilarious.


As a kid’s movie, it good but not great. The story is of course predictable but nothing about it is annoying. It isn’t the next Finding Nemo but it is a good movie if you have a kid. There aren’t too many lessons learned type of thing here but the entertainment factor is definitely there if you want to laugh.


The voice actors were good especially for Steve Carell and the Mexican (or was he Spanish?) guy. They really owned their characters and they gave it some life. Wiig though (the spy girl who recruited Gru) was a bit too pitchy for me, I think she was more annoying than Silverman as Vanelope in Wreck it Ralph.


All in all, if you have a kid and have nothing better to do on a Sunday, you can watch it. But for me, this movie is a WATCH IT WHEN IT COMES TO CABLE. I mean the minions were great but you can watch their antics online for free. In addition, they have their own movie coming up next year which stars Sandra Bullock and John Hamm so you’ll see them more. I just don’t feel that there is anything special in this movie and the laughs will feel forgettable after your next movie (probably except for the minion performance in the end).


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