World War Z Movie Review (No Spoilers)

World_War_Z_posterI have been a zombie fan ever since I saw Dawn of the Dead (the remake). And since then I haveloved them so much that compared to anything considered as “others” they are by far the most interesting to me. Yeah, they are mindless and yes they are plain but I do think they have more substance than vampires (well except maybe Dracula) or werewolves (yes, remember The Wolfman?). They just seem to emanate this truth about human behavior rather than a myth than they seem more attached to reality than most things, and that’s why I love them.


Yes yes, I saw this late but better late than never, and I must say that I was happy I still saw it despite being this late. So this movie was directed by Marc Forster (the guy who made Stranger than Fiction and The Kite Runner, two movies that I really loved) and starred Brad Pitt in a world where zombies are effing sprinters and people get infected within 12 seconds of being bitten, yes the virus is that fast.


The direction was good but the cinematography was awesome; there were definitely some shots there that you wouldn’t think whoa, human obliteration: zombie apocalypse. The first part was a bit chaotic and shaky but I guess that was how they conveyed the beginning to the end so it didn’t bother me that much. The plot and the story was of course, predictable in every zombie but the way the suspense was built was great. I mean I hear people holding their breath inside the cinema (is this really the correct way to say this?) from the tension being built during the scenes. Additionally, I don’t think the pacing was done so well because the first part seemed to drag a bit, then the middle was a bit long and the end was just “tadah! The end” wait for the sequel.


The acting was excellent, I mean Brad Pitt has always been an awesome guy since Se7en so he hasn’t been in anything crappy. But I think one of the stand out performances for me was his wife, don’t know the name of the actress but she was good. With the limited time that she got, I must admit I really liked her in the part. She knows how to handle herself and her children and be a good wife without being a pain in the butt to Brad. The other characters were fine, but since this is an apocalypse movie, you only get to see the protagonist since he is the focus of the entire movie.


And since this is a zombie movie, we have to talk about the zombie. The zombie here is no George Romero zombie; I mean these zombies were 28 days rage virus zombie who can run without freaking panting. They will totally give you a run for their money and eat you, if you saw the trailers they can built effing zombie ladders and walk over walls, that’s how fast they can run. Also, this movie isn’t very gory, it didn’t have much blood as I thought it would have. It somehow feels like the first season of walking dead, meaning it has very minimal blood.


The only problem I have with this movie is that you don’t get really attached to anyone (of course except for the main character). You know people are dying, cities are overrun by zombie but I don’t feel too much grief about it. Although you see the weight of the apocalypse, especially when they do aerial shots of cities full of zombies, you still don’t feel the urge to cry and panic for them. The human connection and relatability wasn’t really established enough.


All in all, I have to rate this movie a MUST SEE (if you are a zombie fan), if you aren’t, just wait for it to come out in cable. You really aren’t missing much if you don’t see it. Hope you liked this review and hoping to get your comments below. 🙂


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