The Wolverine Movie Review (No Spoilers)

thewolverine3dposterI was never a big fan of Wolverine, in fact, within the X-Men universe, he is one of the characters I really despise. Maybe it’s just his popularity or the fact that he sulked for an entire movie in X-Men I or maybe I have the same problem with him as I do with vampires, they live forever. But despite not being a fan of Wolverine, or Hugh Jackman, or the director of this film, I found myself buying a movie ticket because my boyfriend is a big fan and I needed to suck it up for him as he did for me in Pacific Rim.

The Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman as the iconic Wolverine directed by James Mangold whose repertoire is the weirdest set for a director I have probably seen. This is the 2nd attempted reboot of the Wolverine origin story (but it kind of isn’t an origin story because he has already been the Wolverine for some time before this which is at least 3 movies) as we try to forget the fucked up 1st attempt that is Wolverine Origins. Movie starts where X-Men: The Last Stand ended where Logan had just killed the love of his life in order to save humanity (that includes mutants). He’s become a loner, which is not new because he’s always been like that. But to grant the wishes of an old dying friend, he travels to Japan to say goodbye and his story begins.

First of all, don’t believe the trailer, from what I have learned from Man of Steel, the trailers now are in no way the same tone of the movie. Not saying that the trailer was awesome and the movie sucked, just saying that the trailer in some way undercut what the movie is. Secondly, as I have already mentioned, this isn’t really so much of an origin story than just a plain old stand-alone Wolverine movie.

 The direction and story was good (well, up until they went into the 3rd act which was a bit baffling or way too comic-y). The story and the plot was a great Wolverine story, you know that he’s haunted by the past, that he doesn’t give a fuck, that he just wants to be left alone but given the chance to kick some ass he will, you know, what we all know Wolverine to be. The cinematography was also good and I appreciate that they didn’t go to extravagant what the fuck it’s cool Japan to shoot the scenes (ala Lord of the Rings), they kept the locations simple enough that it makes sense and focused more on what Wolverine would do rather than shove beautiful sceneries down your throat. And the action scenes were amazing. I mean despite the effing dizzying shaky cam on the first big action scene of this movie, the action was awesome (and that is coming from someone who is not a big fan of action). They weren’t so big but the stunt work was so cool. I think it was a very thoughtful touch that you can really see the actors fly through the air and move around without it looking so much like choreography.

The acting was for the most part great. I mean no one can see any other Wolverine except Hugh Jackman and he really kicked ass a Wolverine. I mean the guy is in his 40s but he’s built like whoa, I mean, really, you can imagine he is a brick wall with claws that no one can get pass. Rila Fukushima as a supporting character was amazing. She had the bad ass thing down! Her action scenes were awesome! For me, seeing her kick ass in the movie was one of the things I looked forward to. The girl who played Mariko and Master Yashida were also good but of course shadowed by Jackman’s portrayal all the way. The viper girl, I didn’t really care for, in fact I wish she wasn’t in the movie.

I do have a lot of questions after seeing this movie as there were some loo se ends that they did not care to elaborate. But the bottom line for this movie is that if you are a Wolverine fan, go get your butt in theater and see it. For non-Wolverine fans, it is a good movie, you will definitely get your money’s worth. It is definitely a MUST SEE.  Please do stay for the credits as it will blow your mind (trust me, a few minutes of clip, will top the almost 2 hours you spent with Wolverine).

I will be posting a spoiler review right after this for those who want to know what I didn’t like in the movie. Hope you liked this review and I would love to hear the comments of those who love Wolverine (both in comic books and movies).


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