The Wolverine Movie Review (Spoilers)

As I have said, there were some loose ends in The Wolverine that bothers me and this is the time to put it out there.

As I mentioned in my spoiler free review, the 3rd act of this movie was a bit detached from the entire movie because it was so comic-y, kind of like the 3rd act in Iron Man III. To add to that, Viper didn’t do much and I could’ve done without her. I mean the master Yashida could’ve orchestrated the entire thing without needing Viper and just having the ninja guy fetch Mariko AND Wolverine with no problem. I mean if the Black Clan of ninjas have been protecting him all along, why the hell did they need the Viper. I didn’t find her at all interesting; the old guy could’ve been the villain all along without this chick spraying poison over guys’ faces. Some would say it’s to build the adamantium suit and to that, they never said a thing how qualified to do that in the first place. In the first place, Yashida seems to be on the edge of life saving technology even without the Viper’s help so she was just there so we can get a sexy villain who can change her skin without taking her clothes off.

Next on this rant, if you can call it that, was how much adamantium can he get from Wolverine, really? The suit was already built, along with 2 flaming swords, why take Wolverine’s claws. And at the beginning, they said what they needed from Wolverine was his immortality, I would love to get the explanation on how they planned to do this. In the course of the movie, they were able to hamper Wolverine’s powers to regenerate and nothing else. To transfer it to someone else which was supposed to be their goal, they had no ability to do, so I call bullshit. In addition to that, what did the little metal bugs do? And yeah, they suppressed Wolverine’s ability to heal, but how? No explanation was attempted to clear this whatsoever. I mean do they suck the life out of Wolverine then give it to the next person? So they store energy, are they made of adamantium? Nothing, they had no story about this and it sucks.

Whatever happened to Mariko’s supposed fiancé? After he got thrown off the balcony and supposedly lived, what next? For a guy who’s got yakuza connections and a government to back him up, this guy just backed the fuck down? I mean with the possibility of his good name getting slandered to the press, he made no move to shut Wolverine up in the hopes that his image won’t get tarnished.

If Mariko was so conservative, why sleep with Wolverine after 2 days (is it 2 days?) of just casually knowing him. I don’t know if it’s an Asian thing but if you are conservative enough to follow your father’s wishes on who to marry, I think it follows that you understand the concept of no pre-marital sex. Also, she said she was a master of knives? In no way did she illustrate this other than directly stabbing her grandfather in the throat but no knife throwing was made whatsoever. Also in the end, she became this business woman with swagger which doesn’t make sense because throughout the movie she really made it clear that she was a damsel in distress. Although I have to be clear about her, I did like the actress, I just wasn’t convinced about her character.

And I think that’s about it. If you read the spoiler without seeing the movie, I still feel that you need to see it. I mean these things can be overlooked when you see the good things about the film. And yes, these things bother me when I saw it but The Wolverine is still a good movie despite this.


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