Hannibal Series Review

Hannibal-NBC-Poster-2012-300x375As the summer movies are coming to a close and the fall movies are about to begin (yes, there is no fall where I come from AND I think September to November movies are becoming better than the summer blockbusters, Looper for example), I’m still waiting to see Elysium and Kick Ass 2. But since I come from a country where there are delays in movie releases, which sucks big time but I have no other choice but to wait. In the meantime though, I have been preoccupied with watching TV; not literally watching TV, but watching TV series. And after watching a bit of TV, I decided to make some reviews. But unfortunately, after my mind was blown with Game of (fucking) Thrones, I never had the nerve to review the series because it was way to epic to put into words.

 But I think to give justice to the current wave of awesome series that are now invading (and hopefully replace) the stupid reality shows, it’s good to review some of them so that people who are reluctant to watch them, will get that little push to finally see it. So I’ll be posting some reviews of TV series that I watch, maybe per season as it airs or just the entire series, we’ll know after I’ve posted the reviews. And we’re starting with NBC’s Hannibal.

 So I am a big fan of Hannibal, the movies definitely yes, the books, yes but still too scared to read through and through. So when my boyfriend was trying to get me hooked on the series when it started airing, I was a bit reluctant to watch it because it was gory. But finally, as there was a long weekend, I finally thought, hey, I’m going to make myself paranoid for three whole days and probably the next two weeks after it.

 Developed by Bryan Fuller (which I have to be honest, I have no idea who he is, have not seen any of the series he’s made before) for NBC, Hannibal is a thriller television series that’s based on Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon. It stars Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter (yeah, the guy from Casino Royale), Caroline Dhavernas as Alana Bloom, Hettiene Park as Beverly Katz and Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford. 

The theme of the series is definitely great, think the gore of Walking Dead + cinematography of Sherlock + serials killers and team of Criminal Minds + Greg House as the devil himself with an even weirder accent that his real one. And although the series’ catalyst is serial killers and their crimes, a big part of it is the sort of thriller drama between Hannibal and Will. It’s about how to live and work with an extremely intellectual serial killer, and I say live and work because survive really isn’t a good way to describe what a person has to deal with in this series. Hannibal has complete control and you cannot outsmart him at all, not because he’s just brilliant, which of course is part of it, but because he has his reputation and you cannot tarnish that (by the end of the season you will get so frustrated with this fact that you want to kill him yourself), and people tell him EVERYTHING. It’s also not so much of a mind bender of who did the crime as you know that Hannibal is a serial killer the whole time but it’s more on how will Hannibal screw everyone else just to see these people fall from glory. The relationship between the cast is also essential to the series as the series also tackles on trust and redemption. You try to understand where everyone is coming from especially the main cast.

 The first half of the season, you really feel that the title should be Will Graham instead of Hannibal as it focuses mainly on Will and his special ability for pure empathy (nothing supernatural). But towards the last half, you really feel that Hannibal is pulling the strings on the entire charade that they play. He is an awesome puppet master to a stage of intelligent people who cannot figure out that, hey, the guy who gave you the advice is trying to kill you or get you killed. Towards the end of the season, you feel a slight amusement and a whole lot of hate towards Hannibal and an extreme frustration to the people around him. You just can’t help but be at awe and yell out the “obvious” things to you that they cannot put together.

 The acting is definitely good. Despite going back and forth with comparing their team with the team on Criminal Minds, I think they are a good FBI team, not awesome, but definitely sufficient. Hugh Dancy which I know as Claire Danes’ hubby is good a Will Graham, I mean you really feel for this guy. He’s just trying to do what he thinks is right but through the process he is literally losing his mind. His unique ability is his gift and curse and it takes him to a place and an ending that you cannot fathom. Mads Mikkelsen is a different Hannibal, for Hopkins’ fans, he is not that but he portrays a more severely sadistic Hannibal (yes, Hannibal can be more sadistic, who knew right?) His version of Hannibal is more liberated as he is not incarcerated nor hunted, he is more powerful and more egotistic that he definitely pushes his bounds on how to act and doesn’t care which crimes to commit as he feels he is smarter than everyone else. Fishburne and Dhavermas (the girl who looks like Victoria from How I Met Your Mother) are a good supporting cast, although at times you do feel like they are overshadowed by how well Hugh and Mads react and connect with each other.

 After three sleep deprived nights not from the watching but more on the paranoia from watching, I do think Hannibal is a MUST SEE NOW. It’s interesting, it’s clever and it’s gory ( I mean there were A LOT of scenes where I have to pull my eyes away because I could not process what I was seeing). It’s an awesome take on one of our most beloved villains and it’s definitely worth the fright.


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