Kick Ass 2 Movie Review (No Spoilers)


As part of my top 5 most anticipated movies of the year, I couldn’t wait to see Kick Ass 2. And after watching it, I must say it didn’t disappoint. Because after an underwhelming summer season (not that all the movies sucked, more like some of the movies I expected to be awesome  weren’t as awesome as they should be) Kick Ass redeemed 2013 movies to a level almost near to Star Trek Into Darkness in my books.


Written and directed by Jeff Wadlow with the original cast (Chloe Moretz, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Christopher Mintz Plasse) gotten older and the addition of Jim Carrey, Kick Ass 2 is the story of what happens next after a normal citizen became a masked vigilante accidentally killing a mob boss with a psychotic son.

Kick Ass 2 picked up where Kick Ass left off (SPOILER ALERT!), so Big Daddy is dead, McLovin’s daddy is dead, Kick Ass and Hit Girl are still superheroes and Red Mist (or the Motherfucker) is out for revenge. Hit Girl has to deal with high school and being normal. Kick Ass who feels so vindicated and important having been the first superhero to be noticed has to face the choice of remaining to be a superhero to be someone or leaving it all behind to just be noone. And Red Mist being so pissed off at Kick Ass for killing his father that he chooses to use all of this money, to find Kick Ass and make him pay (in the funniest way possible, not funny haha alright, the funny holy crap what’s he doing kind of funny).


Despite being directed by a new director, I think Kick Ass 2 maintained the essence of the franchise. The laugh out loud, absurdly violent, could happen but really couldn’t in cool real life action. The story was a off course typical of a superhero sequel movie, not that it needed to be so original but knowing the predictability of this movie didn’t take any of the “oh shit” moments. The pacing was well handled because there were high school crap in between where Hit Girl had to mask (weird that it was the other way around) that she was the coolest thing since frozen yogurt and try to become normal. The slower parts definitely felt like a good build up to what’s about to happen because any time there was a high school scene, you know that a Motherfucker scene would come and that makes it all worth it. The one issue I had with the direction was the shaky cam. It was dizzying as all hell, it really takes away from the value of the good ass action sequence, it really sucked. But good thing not all action scenes were shaky cam so I am thankful for that.


The cast was awesome! Have to say never noticed how hot Kick Ass was in the first one but in this one, woo! He was definitely hot in a nerd look with the abs that can melt butter. Chloe was still good as Hit Girl, although she didn’t have as many ass kicking moments in this one compared to the first, she was still good at what she does. Although she did do this fake smile thing that annoyed the crap out of me during the movie. Not saying she didn’t act well, just saying she smiled in this weird slow moa la Joker style which was weird. Jim Carrey was also good in the movie, he captured the square but crazy kind of guy you know is out there. It’s very unfortunate that he pulled away support for this movie because he really was good in it despite being on it for only a while. The supporting cast was also good and acted well, didn’t really find them as a throw away to the quirky team of superheroes. But despite all of the good things the cast did, for me, McLovin hands down really did this one for me, every time he was on screen I was literally laughing my ass off. I was kind of embarrassed but didn’t care during the movie because I was snickering even when the scene was over. He just portrays comedic absurdity really well that I really wish he would do more movies.


In the end for the love of all things that are funny, don’t believe the stupid ratings you see on film critic sites, those people have sticks so far up their  aholes that they cannot distinguish good timing from stupid spoof movies. Absurdity, violence and McLovin? This movie definitely delivered what it promised and despite the use of shaky cam, it is still a MUST SEE NOW. If you liked the first movie, you will definitely love this one. And if you are a fan of good movies, I urge you to watch this one, this is one of the movies that really made me go, that was so good I’ll have to watch it again, which I have to say only happened to me twice this year (the first being Star Trek Into Darkness). I cannot stress enough that this movie will make you laugh, make you cry and make you wonder how is it all possible. It’s definitely one of my favorite films in 2013.


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