Idiot’s Guide on How to Look Interesting

In a world where everything is at your fingertips, where Google is just a mouse click away, where you can literally see anything you want on the internet, what else do you need? But a guide to show people at how amazed you are at anything! Yes, at anything! A sunrise? A sunset? A flower or a tree? Falling in love? Food? Shoes? The ground? A building? It doesn’t matter! What matters is that you share everything and how amazing it all is! How to do it? It’s all easy! Just follow these three simple guidelines and you’ll be sure to get those likes that validate your self-worth!


Step 1: Find something ordinary

You don’t need anything actually interesting to be interesting, like yourself, something can be ordinary and boring, but if you dress it up, make a big deal out of it, and completely blow it way out of proportion, rest assured you can make anything “special”. So find something dull, or even remotely interesting, it can be the shirt that you’re wearing, or the tiles on your bathroom, the curtains on your bedroom, all those things can serve as inspiration or they can always be the center of attention (in cases you don’t want to be the focus, of course).


Step 2: Take a picture and filter the crap out of it

So you’ve got your something? Great! Remember, it doesn’t have to be meaningful or creative, it just has to be something, the sugar coating of it will come later, which is step 2. Make it retro make it shine, that’s what you need to do. So go ahead, look at your something from a crooked angle, or with dim lights, brighter lights, something that will add color or emotion to it. Got it? Now, when you are finally satisfied on how to immortalize your something, snap a shot of it. Now don’t be shy on taking as many takes as you want, that’s what memory storage is for. You can always pick out the most artistic ones to filter so that you can be ready to share it to the world. Word of caution though, make sure that what you will share is artistic enough to get compliments or else what’s the point? Right? Your something could be just any other landscape so you have to sell it well.


Step 3: Post and hashtag

Now you see the picture on your phone, now look at it and ponder what it means. Now it can totally mean nothing which a lot of the times is the case but in order to show how awesome it is, you have to describe it the best way you can. Using wow, whoa, yes, awesome, cool, extraordinary will help a lot but the most useful tool that you can use is yourself. Yep, that’s right, put a picture of yourself being at awe at the wonder of raining during the rainy season, the flood on the streets where there are no clean drainages, or the sunset because we all know that the sun is all bound to set even if you are in another country. And don’t forget, much like anything you do, hashtag it!


And that’s it! Three simple steps to show people how cool and how interesting your life is! Just show them that everything you do is full of awe with the three steps above and you’re golden!


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