Sherlock Series Review (Seasons 1 and 2)

poster-image-gambar-snapshot-download-movie-film-photo-video-clip-sherlock-tv-series-baker-street-londonNever was a fan of Sherlock, never read the books and was only slightly amused by the movies (there were two of them right?). But anyway, I saw this series because Benedict Cumberbatch kicked so much ass in Star Trek Into Darkness that I wanted more. I wanted to see him in more crap and what more can you ask for if you watch the series where he is the main character, and thus started the amazing ride that is Sherlock.


Take precaution, this series is a bit of a mind bender, as Sherlock is a genius in what he does, he always assumes that you see what he sees and therefore in the same state of mind as he is, which is the double edged sword of his story and his character. This is because you do feel that this is what makes Sherlock special, his special ability to deduce everything within moments of seeing what he does, but at times, you have to stop and think before you can get on board with his ideas. But fear not as in the series, he will rant a page of dialogue explaining what he sees and what it means so you won’t get lost.


The creators really thought about this before they went on and did it. There are a lot of allusions in the episodes that hard core Sherlock fans will definitely enjoy. I think one of the cool things about this series is the setting. As we all know Sherlock was set in the Victorian era (I guess that was in the late 1800, I may be wrong as you know I suck at history) but the series is set in the current time which makes it much more accessible to viewers (I think they finally got that Shakespearean language sucks and that no one wants to listen to it despite the cool content, so kudos to the creators!). But anyway, they transform the old materials to a new setting relating the books to an updated time, like taxis, cellphones, the CIA and the like. Although this is set as a series, it somehow feels like each season is a movie, a long movie as each episode is 90 minutes long with each episode tied with each other. But you can’t feel that time when you see the series as it is full of mysteries that will keep you guessing about what happened and what happens next (especially because the end of both seasons are effing cliffhangers).


Although the series has its fascinating stories, some twists and a lot of turns, the series is also dependent on the relationship between Sherlock and Watson, yeah, the bromance here is so apparent that you know they cannot be separated from one another (I mean that literally). Their relationship is very convincing which lends a great hand to great storytelling and acting.


For the cast, the only thing I can say about this is that Sherlock is Cumberbatch and Watson is Martin Freeman (can someone explain to me his last name? aren’t black guys the only ones to have that last name? anyway, as I have said a million times, history dummy). That’s it, everyone else you need to meet when you watch the series because I might spoil it for you if you know who is in the series beforehand. But in terms of the acting, Cumberbatch is awesome as Sherlock. At first, I did have trouble trying to relate Khan (oops! Sorry for those who have not seen Into Darkness) as being Sherlock, because for one, he spoke very  slowly in Star Trek. But I have to say, after the first episode, he is a better Sherlock than Robert Downey Jr. Not discrediting Downey but Cumberbatch is just better in my opinion. In addition to that, I also think that Freeman is a better Wilson than Jude Law (although the latter is definitely hotter). In this version, you really get to feel for Wilson, you really understand him as a character and not just someone who cleans up after Sherlock.


There’s really not much more to say other than this is a really good series. As a test to it’s quality, my boyfriend who is baffled by the English accent (and hates British humor, he just doesn’t find it funny) saw this series with me without complaint on the accent or the humor. So there, that’s the best testament I can give to those who feel skeptical about how good this series is.


I really think that Sherlock is a MUST SEE NOW. I think you can now see that about 90% of my reviews are MUST SEE NOW. Be it movies, books or series, and that is because I only things that are interesting to me and that I can recommend to everyone else. I just don’t to waste my time with crap and die tomorrow wishing I had spent my time better. And with the great shows that are on TV now, I think you can just find a show that you like in any channel and stick to that.


But I think this success is because TV writers now really are fans of what they write. I mean that is the brilliance of the current TV series today, the biggest factor of that is the creators and writers of these TV shows are fans first of the material. And from that they recreate the things that they love about the character or the story into something relatable which makes us, the audience, love what they love. They make something that is not palatable to the general audience and they make it as interesting as hell which makes it so successful. Well anyways, I just have to say, watch Sherlock. You will be surprised of how awesome it is even if you’re not a Sherlock fan.


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