My Top 10 Movie Anti-Heroes

And so the summer movie season underwhelmed us but the fall movies give us hope. And while I wait for the better movies to come out, I have been checking my blog for inspirations for what to write since I have been itching to write but cannot find anything interesting. And so with the stats, it looked like the most viewed page on my blog was the Top 10 Villains. On which I thought, hey, maybe I can make the opposite of that and make a Top 10 Heroes list. And I thought about it and grew tired of the idea which was weird because I know that it is a rich subject. But the more I thought about it, the more I understood, I hate heroes, they’re too shiny, too glorified, too perfect to be idolized. They are a manifestation of the ideal dream of perfection too unrealistic to relate to. In addition, they are boring as crap, and lastly, they technically have only one weakness, their hearts, pleh! I think that of all the superheroes I have read and seen, Spiderman is the only one I like. And that is because he opted to take on the responsibility of being a real hero and forget his real life rather than to get some ass. And so, my new idea to write something failed, but from the ashes of this stupid idea came a new one, I could write about anti-heroes; because apparently they are the interesting ones, and of course they are the ones worth watching.

Now, I have searched almost everywhere for the definition of an anti-hero and most of them are the same and did not make that much sense to me. Because to me, an anti-hero is a hero with his own sense of justice, although justice to them might be a bit skewed and this is because of something that damaged them. So to celebrate the awesome anti-heroes, the heroes worth celebrating because they would rather do it their way than fail (my kind of people), here’s my top 10 movie anti-heroes.

10. Wikus Van der Merwe (District 9)


The guy who opened my mind to the concept of just because something or rather someone feels alien to you, doesn’t mean they are any different than you. The character arc of this guy was just so touching that when you see him at his lowest low, you forget that he aborted at least 20 prawn babies by burning them down.




9. Michael Corleone (Godfather Trilogy)


 I may not be a huge fan of mafia movies but you can’t say anti-hero without mentioning Al Pacino in The Godfather movies. The most decent among the Corleone sons and he got shipped off to Italy because he was the casualty of the war. And when he gets back, he finds the truth in himself that being determined means you have to step into a few toes and you know, kill off some people.





8. Eric Draven (The Crow)

What? You say I look like The Joker?!

What? You say I look like The Joker?!

If you get the chance to seek revenge on people who brutally murdered you and your fiancée, wouldn’t you do it? I think his methods are tiny bit extreme when taking on revenge but you root for him the entire time because he is the hero (technically). His quest for revenge is the ultimate justice and you cannot argue the legitimacy of his actions.





7. Lester Burnham (American Beauty)


Of why we are on the side of the father who wants to bang his friend’s daughter, we will never know. Or probably because we see the kinship of loserdom in him and we want him to succeed because his wife is crazy and his daughter is disconnected and we just want this guy to find some kind of happiness in the world because there is such a thing.




6. Leon (Leon the Professional)


This guy kills people for a living but has a moral code (no women and children), that’s a good definition of an anti-hero right there. Plus, he takes care of an orphaned Natalie Portman and says no to pedophilia, come on, he’s the complete package. Lastly, he’s got cute quirks like drinking milk which makes him so endearing. I mean he becomes the lesser evil when you see Gary Oldman crazy as shit in this movie.




5. Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

jules-winnfield-mobile-wallpaperI never laughed so hard from a Samuel L. Jackson performance with the least enjoyable burger meal you could possibly have. His lines, his mantra, his wallet, all so unique to the fact that he is a hitman with spirituality.







4. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

I'm a girl so this is the picture. Hahaha!

I’m a girl so this is the picture. Hahaha!

You plan to blow up buildings to reestablish a new world order, free from capitalism and the people that rule it all. AND you founded fight club, no one is cooler than Tyler Durden. With his soap making skills and his charms with the ladies (or just Marla) he definitely had a good sentiment in mind but through extreme methods.









3. V (V for Vendetta)

I am Hugo Weaving behind the mask.

I am Hugo Weaving behind the mask.

Blowing up parliament will definitely send the message that the government should be afraid of its people and not the other way around. And despite him falling in love with a bald Natalie Portman (yes, that for me is a weakness) he still is a bad ass because he transformed Evey to someone who is willing to make a decision that will change the world.






2. Rorschach (Watchmen)


Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon. I think that is the ultimate anti-hero mantra. The most admirable trait of any anti-hero in my opinion is their unbiased justice, they do not make exceptions in any case and they use their heads and not their hearts in finding the truth and in seeking justice.






1. Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)


And of course, Batman is the ultimate anti-hero, because despite not killing people, he still lives in his own moral code which no one can break. He is insane in a lot of ways, which is why I love Bale as Batman because you know, Paul Bateman, but anyway, as Batman himself said, anyone who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues. But again, Batman may be intelligent and rich but his greatest asset is his sense of justice, his sense of morality and his vow to make sure that injustice will never be unpunished.

So there is it, my top 10 anti-heroes that kicks every heroes butt. Yes, including Superman. Han Solo is probably my 11th and did not quite make the list because money making isn’t really a hero type of thing (and yes, he did help the rebellion but not until his ass was on the line and there’s a girl he wants to.. uummm. date?) And I know, when I saw a gazillion lists for this post, I saw Taxi Driver and a lot of spaghetti westerns and they are not included in the list, why? Because I have not seen every movie made and I tend to shy away from movies that’s not in my era. So anyway, that is it. Hope you like this one. For any suggestions on my next post or just any questions in general, just send me a message or comment.


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