The Problem with the Post-Avengers Universe – Thor: The Dark World (Spoiler Review)

Before I touch on the main point of this spoiler review, I’d like to take a stab about some other issues I had with Thor: The Dark World.

1. How much Aether do the dark elves really need and how does it really work? So Jane Foster got infected (?) with the Aether in the beginning of this movie, how much? But like a glass, but when Malicith pulled the stuff out of her, it was probably more than all the blood on her body. Which makes me wonder, is that the nature of the Aether? Also, what where they supposed to do with the big black rock that supposedly carried the Aether for thousands of years, was all the Aether gone from the rock and they can just dismiss that? Also, the Kursed elf guy, why did he say that he will sacrifice himself to become the Kursed and he doesn’t even die? Why the hell did he say that he will sacrifice himself if by sacrifice he mean taking a handful amount of Aether in your hand to make your body surge with the stuff and make you indestructible?


2. The love triangle. They hinted at this a couple of times in the trailer and some parts in the movie but it was never really addressed in the film. Not that Thor was really torn between the Asgard girl and Jane but more on why were people talking about it when it was clear that Thor like Jane, Jane liked Thor and the Asgard girl was happy to make Thor do whatever he wants? I mean don’t hint at things that don’t affect anything in the movie because it just makes the movie a bit dumb.


3. And now, on the good part, the post-Avengers issue. Obviously, any post-Avengers movie will take a hint that hey, New York got attacked by fucking aliens, we definitely have to talk about how all those powerful guys got together to fight off the alien invasion. And in both Iron Man3 and here, they did talk about it, but the problem is, where the fuck were the Avengers when you need them now?


In Iron Man 3, it was much more forgivable that no one was there when Iron Man got effing blown almost to bits by a terrorist trying to kill the president of America (yeah Captain America, it’s fine that you didn’t show up for something that is obviously right under your nose, or thanks Hulk to show up for counseling but not when I almost died when they blew up my home, or SHIELD for not detecting any suspicious behavior for the bad guy). But in Thor 2, the aliens were trying to obliterate EVERY FREAKING REALM. Meaning if they succeeded, everything will die and disappear which makes me question, why the hell did not no one care to drop by and help Thor get rid of the bad guys? I mean Iron Man and The Hulk would have definitely observed the convergence just as much as Jane Foster would have because you know, a disruption in the gravity field is not just a Jane Foster monopoly but other scientists would have probably noticed as well. Again, the aliens were trying to erase earth out of existence, you would think when Thor comes to earth, SHIELD would’ve called him to ask him, hey, are we in trouble because you know, a god will not pay us a visit if we weren’t in any kind of danger? And oh yeah, the British government could probably lend a hand with two freaking bombers, 2? After the world fucking witnessed what it took to get rid of the alien invasion, and it is probably worth noting that in New York, we only saw the small jet ski ships flying over New York, and what we saw land in Greenwich was a full ship, YES, a huge ass ship where little ships came from, the government decided that hey, two bombers can help with the problem. Because if the Avengers were not summoned to help out, why the hell should we bring in the artillery, I mean how much trouble can this ship really be, right?

The ways they weave the whole Avengers thing into the individual Avenger movies is at the very least uncreative. They can do better at trying to make a reason why the Avengers cannot help another Avernger out when he’s trying not to die or when an ancient alien civilization is trying to erase everything in the universe. Not that I have the answers but it really does take a lot out of the movies when t happens. Additionally, they way they address it is a bit clunky with a few mentions of it here and there but never really taken seriously. It’s more of a joke rather than holy shit, we almost got invaded. I just hope that the next Avenger movie can do this better which chances are it will since the next one is Captain America and according to the trailer, Nick Fury and Black Widow are there. And the most promising part of it is Captain America is just Captain America, so how much trouble can he really get into.


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