Thor: The Dark World Movie Review (No Spoilers)

THURS_003B_G_ENG-GB_70x100.inddAs what I feel to be an obligatory sequel to Thor because Avengers 2 has to come out, Thor 2 gets made and it’s not exactly spectacular. I am not an avid fan of Thor, but if they make another Thor movie, I’ll go see it for the sake of seeing it.


Directed by Alan Taylor (whom is supposed to re-boot the Terminator, gee, wonder how that will turn out) starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston. Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba (There’s more people in the film I just don’t know their names), Thor: The Dark World comes probably directly after The Avengers where Loki gets caught and is sentenced and imprisoned in Asgard. And then, I am not sure what was revealed in the trailers because I did not see all the trailers so I don’t know how to describe the plot without spoiling it but as you can guess, a dark force seeks to unleashed something to destroy everyone (as most evil alien plot points go).


The direction was a bit uneven, there were slow parts in between the exciting parts which makes me wonder how I can get bored during the action. The plot was fine and the execution not memorable. I don’t know how to explain the plot of the movie  without spoiling anything as it is so simple so I’ll probably put this in the spoiler review but really, some things happen in this movie that are just plain stupid. They also had some teasing relationship issues in the trailer and in some itty bitty parts of the movie that were never discussed in the film.  The pacing was also off as I yawned through the 1st 30 minutes of this movie. This is basically the same tone as Iron Man 3 with less explosions but more aliens. The CGI was fine with nothing revolutionary to offer (yeah, I’m still hung over Gravity). The movie is funny, I can give it that but not funny rolling on the floor, funny laughter then move on until the next joke which make the movie border on being campy.


The acting for the most part was good. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston really are Thor and Loki, two brothers who are also the nemesis of each other. For me, they are the most interesting part of the movie, without them, this movie would’ve probably tanked. Their usual banter does feel repetitive at times but I really did fall in love with Loki’s play on being the god of mischief because you are always waiting of what he’ll try to pull off next. Anthony Hopkins was fine as he always does but not as powerful as I thought he would be. Natalie Portman was also OK, I just am not sure how she survived all that she had to go through during this movie. For the most part, the cast were sufficient and in an OK movie, that’s just fine.


In the end, if you liked The Avengers there’s no reason not to see it. Also, if you like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki battling it out with Thor’s strength and Loki’s words, this will be delightful. But if you’re a casual fan of superhero movie, you can let this one pass as I feel that it is not memorable at all. There were some plot points that I feel are not cohesive with everything that has been going on and the movie just wraps up so quickly that it make you feel, this isn’t Star Trek Into Darkness is it?


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