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Useful Things I’ve Learned from Baking (So Far) Episode II

So today I had some oatmeal choco chip cookie orders so I woke up early to make them. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and the first batch, although tasted fine, were not choco chip cookies, but rather chocolate cookies.


So they turned out like this….


Instead of this….



But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. So instead of wallowing over a failed batch of cookies ( I hate wasting food, but this won’t be wasted because I have 3 brothers, a boyfriend, a dad and countless officemates who will also not waste any food :D) I just write the learnings I’ve gained from this experience.


But don’t worry, there are also other things here that are not related to the failed cookie experiment. These things were just on my head from trying to do healthier baking alternatives that I’ve picked up sometime this week and I wanted to share with others J


For the failed cookies

  1. Hot melted butter + Choco Chips = Melted Chocolate. This never occurred to me while making my cookie batter and as I said, turned to chocolate cookies. But I made the quick fix of putting the chips on the individual cookies after I’ve already made them on the sheet. Does anybody have a better plan for this mishap? I can’t think of any other way L If you can help with this, please comment below 😀


For health reasons

  1. Most cookie recipes have to use 1 cup of butter which is equivalent to 2 sticks of butter. But because I’m trying to make a healthier version, I only use 1 stick. The cookies remain moist and delicious despite this change so if you are willing to lower the fat on your cookie, I suggest you also cut it down to only 1 stick J
  2. Most recipes for baking use white granulated sugar and packed brown sugar and I prefer organic muscovado, I’ve substituted it to all my recipes. The great thing is that the food still turned out well. I may be wrong in terms of fluffiness or something, but the taste is fine and the food is moist so I’ll argue to use it as a slight better alternative for cookies, banana bread and chocolate cupcakes ( I can’t say for all since I haven’t tried to bake anything else.) But the ratio of muscovado sugar to granulated sugar is 1:1, no change to the amount.


Hope you find this helpful! If you have any comments or suggestions, just leave a comment below! Or if you can help with the problems I’ve encountered, your help is highly appreciated. 🙂