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My Top 10 Movie Villains

With the new Man of Steel trailer out with Zod’s voice over, you can’t help but think that right after the showing of Man of Steel, there will be a discussion on who is better at being a villain, Khan or Zod. And before that takes over the internet nerd forums, I’d like to post first my top 10 movie villains for future comparisons.

Biff10. Biff (Back to the Future) – He’s a typical a-hole but with a brain. You just can’t help but feel anger towards him when he’s trying to screw everyone over. He almost raped Marty’s mom, turned the future into a disaster but the unique thing about him as a villain is that he has no superpowers. He’s just a street smart kid who’s out for himself and nobody else.


Norman Bates9. Norman Bates (Psycho) – Who can ever forget that smile at the end with the fly? Still gives me goosebumps every time I think about it. A classic movie villain who’s the perfect poster child for still waters run deep. We may say that the killer is his mother (spoilers for those who haven’t seen it), but he is technically responsible for killing people at his motel.

The-Dark-Knight-Rises-and-Bane-get-high-marks8. Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) – I know he’s a too recent and too altered from the original version of the Panamanian comic book villain but I think Nolan’s Bane is a great villain. He’s sophisticated, intelligent and extremely physical. I mean when he beat the crap out of Batman, you want to weep because he was so overpowering that if you see him in person, you’ll probably run away.


silence_lambs_067. Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) – She puts the lotion on her skin and puts it back in the basket. Put the lotion in the basket! I think he is a good villain because he is a real person (crazy, but real). What I mean is that he is pushed to his means because of what he feels and he did what he did because he is isolated by society. I think he is a reflection of non-inclusiveness and the general disdain of people towards people who are different.


hannibal-lecter6. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal Series) – Cannibal – Hannibal, see the connection? Although this name has ruined one of the best generals in history (search Hannibal crossing the Alps), he’s become an icon of villains. But the thing about him is that he was so ruthless that he ordered the death of Will’s family but he was soft enough to find love in Agent Starling.


chigurh5. Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) – This is what you call an unstoppable force. With barely any lines, Bardem portrayed this killer with conviction that will make you pee your pants. I mean all throughout the movie, you knew that Josh Brolin stood no chance against him once he caught up with him. He even killed Woody with no struggle and survived a car crash with only a sling, how unstoppable can he get?


Landa4. Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds) – This is the reason why we love Tarantino and Waltz, because they brought this character to life. A person who gets the job done, no matter what it is. He is theatrical in his ways and always knows everything. He is smart and patient, he’s the kind of predator who stalks the prey and tortures it until he wants it dead.


mckellen3. Magneto (X-Men) – He may not be a villain in my book but he is technically a villain. I don’t know if it’s Ian McKellen or the movies (with Bryan Singer) but Magneto is just a bad-ass. And with the current reboot in X-Men: 1st Class, Fassbender really did the origin background for Magneto justice. A broken person who lived through the Holocaust, you just can’t argue with his reasons ,either you’re with him or you’re against him.


Heath-Ledger-The-Joker2. The Joker (The Dark Knight) – You want to see a magic trick? I will make this pencil, disappear… Tadah! It’s… magic. That’s one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen a villain do. Subtle but powerful, the Joker (well, Ledger’s joker) has carved itself in our minds as the person who turned every ones world around, not only in the movie but in our real lives. And of course, he will forever be quoted.

darthvader-design1. Darth Vader (Star Wars) – And of course, Darth Vader takes the top spot. Why? Because he can kill you without even touching you, there’s scary music when he’s approaching and he’s got a black suit that defines villain. Although you can say that he turned good at the end, he is still the main antagonist of Star Wars and he will just kill you without even thinking about it.

Before ending this list, I really have to mention Kevin Spacey in Se7en. Why? Because I can never ever forget what’s in the box! Someone who is methodical but crazy at the same time. He was just a master in what he did (albeit bad) and was always (ALWAYS!) one step ahead. Also, T-1000 and Sauron has to get a nod but didn’t make it on the list because although iconic, they don’t make you want to kill yourself before they kill you.

Did you like this list? Please comment on who your top 10 movies villains are and let the discussion start! Please do note though that my list only includes villains from movies that I have seen. So if you’re wondering my Gruber, Hal or Freddie Kruger is not on this list, it’s because I have not seen their movies and cannot compare them.


My right to vote – or rather, not to vote

I have never exercised my right to vote. Why? Because I believe it is an exercise in futility.


I only believe in things that can and will affect change, the people in the government does not contribute to that at all. As long the government is populated with idiots who cannot understand the basic human needs or what the government is supposed to do, I will never exercise my right to vote.


I believe that the government is an illusion, an authority figure set up to the people to fear and follow, not necessarily to respect. The real people with real authority are those with power and money, ie, the businesses and the church. If the government has to negotiate terms with people with money and power, they have no power. True power only exists when you can dictate what is without question and with full cooperation (the church does this well).


I can give you an example to clarify this point, the most recent one is probably the RH bill. It seems unimaginable on how much some people had to fight for this just to get it. And it’s even more unimaginable that some people are fighting against it. If the government is only here to serve the people, to give them what they need in return of their taxes, why is it that it took so long to pass this bill? If the government is independent from the church why did the bishops threaten government officials to pull out support for their election? Why is it that the government can’t do anything when massive jobs are being lost because of corporate interest?


I think we are fooled to believe that our governments have much power, I don’t think they do. To add to that, with the little power that they have, they can’t even serve the people right. And it’s because they serve their personal interests first.  I mean, if governments were established to serve the people, then there should be no child left of an education. Or overpopulation will be taken cared of. Or that everyone in the country will have the right to electricity. Little things like that make you wonder, why is there a government at all?


I think we dwell on the idea of what the government can do for us. I think that there is a saying, don’t ask what the government can do for you, ask what you can do for your government. This is definitely true, a democracy will never work if we pass the power to the government. It seems that our right to vote has become our right to blame and point fingers that’s why nothing gets done. The power of a democracy is what the individuals can do for the group and not what you can get from it.


For the record, I do not condemn the people who vote. Those who feel strongly that their vote will matter is fine by me. I just think that my vote will not matter that’s why I do not cast it. I do my patriotism in a manner not as a spectacle but a more effective way.


People often say that people who don’t vote are part of the problem. They say that those who do not vote have no right to complain about the incumbent leadership because we did not take part in voting them.  I believe this is untrue. Because whether you vote candidate A or candidate B, the status of the country stays the same. So why does my vote matter when only the players change and not the game? In fact, those who abstain tend not to care about the characters of who is in position but rather on focusing on personal solutions that can also help others.


I think most people interpret voting as a quick solution to their sucky predicament, which it isn’t. Voting the right people may help but it doesn’t necessarily give you the results you are hoping for. But if you really want to change the world to be a better place, you only need to look into what you are doing, there is no need for a ballot.

Gaano ba kaimportante ang boto mo?

Tuwing may botohan, parati ko na lang naririnig yang exercise your right to vote. Una malamang dahil tuwing eleksyon lang kailangan yan pero nakakapagtaka lang na tulad ng mga nahahalal na naalala lang ang mga mamamayan kapag botohan, naaalala lang din ng mga mamamayan ang responsibilidad nila habang may halalanan.


Nakakapagtaka na isinisigaw ng sambayanan na kami ang mamamayang Pilipino at ang pagboto ay aming responsibilidad. Nakakatawa dba? Kasi iyon lang ang responsibilidad nilang gusto gawin. Yung ibang nakakaapekto sa pang araw-araw nilang pamumuhay, nakakalimutan nila. Akala nila iyon lang ang responsibilidad nila bilang Pilipino. Sabagay, iyon lang kasi ang pwede i-share sa facebook.


Hindi mo rin naman sila masisisi, ang pagsabing pagboto ang pinakamadaling daan upang ipakita sa ibang tao na responsable kang mamamayan. Ano ba naman ang pagtayo sa maghapon para bumoto kumpara sa araw-araw na pagtawid sa tamang daan? O kaya naman ang pagkuha ng lisencya sa tamang paraan? Hindi ba’t nakapadali noon kumapara sa humanap ng tamang basurahan? O kaya naman ay hindi mandaya sa mga pilahan?


Napakaraming responsibilidad ng isang mamamayan, oo, kasama doon ang pagboto, pero hindi iyon nagtatapos doon. Ang gobyerno ang kaagapay ng lipunan pero hindi sila ang dapat responsible sa mga nangyayari sa atin. Tayo, tayo ang responsable sa ginagawa natin.


Hindi lang sa pagboto nakikita ang pagiging tunay na Pilipino. Kung gusto talaga natin ipakita na tayo ay modelo sa pagiging makabayan, hindi lang sa pagboto makikita yun. Nagagawa din yan sa pagtawid sa tamang tawiran, sa hindi pagtatapon ng kalat sa daan, sa pagrespeto sa traffic rules, hindi paglalagay sa mga empleyado ng gobyerno. Iilan lang yan sa mga bagay na pwede natin gawin bilang Pilipino upang ipakita na mahal mo ang bansa mo, pero pupusta ako na sa dami ng bumoto ngayong araw na ito, hindi lahat yan ginagawa nila. Pero hindi naman kasi natin nakikita eh, kaya wala silang pakiaalam na ginagawa nila yan. Ang pakialam lang nila ay yung mga bagay na nakikita ng iba.


Nakakahiya na ganyan ang mga Pilipino, magaling lang kapag may nakatingin, pero kapag wala ng nanonood, wala na rin gagawin.

Elysium and Man of Steel Trailer – Thoughts

As people who read my blog know, my first movie for 2013 was Oblivion and I felt let down by it and a bit hesitant again to go in line to watch movies. But HOLY CRAP! Trailer 3 for Man of Steel has been released today and it’s so awesome that I just have to post my thoughts about it.


As there are 2 trailers released from my most anticipated movies for 2013 list, I’ll post my thoughts on both of them, first is Elysium.



This was the first trailer released for Neil Blomkamp’s follow up to District 9 which I loved, so I was really excited to see what the story really is and how the world was portrayed in this reality. First they show you Elysium, which is where the rich live. You see the landscape and you immediately think, futuristically realistic. Then there is a shot from Elysium where you see Earth then they show you the ruins. The contrast was awesome because you really get to feel the differences in the way of life and how far (figuratively and literally) Earth is from Elysium. Before this trailer I just knew that Elysium was the place where the rich people and the rest of the poor people were on earth, I didn’t really know much about who and what Matt Damon was. This trailer shows you that he is this guy who wants to bring down Elysium. Of course we think of that from the start but what is interesting is how he tries to destroy Elysium, which is the thing they attach to him to bring down Elysium’s system. That I think is very interesting because when you say system, does that mean computers control Elysium and if you destroy the computers, Elysium will fall from the sky? The people there will die? The robots will fail and the people there will have to fend for themselves? You don’t really know but the way they put it begs all the questions on how Elysium was structured in the first place and how far Earth has lagged behind (because you do see flying cars on earth). And although the music feels very Inception-y with all the bongs bongs bongs at the beginning, I do feel it’s appropriate when you try to build up the tension between Elysium and Earth and that you want the viewer to anticipate a fall. All in all, this really got me so hyped up about the film that I can’t wait for the next trailer and the actual film. It really sucks to know that I have to wait until August to see it.


Man of Steel

As I’ve said over and over again, I don’t like Superman but I love the people behind the Man of Steel. But this new trailer made Superman interesting to me. The dialogue in the trailer was great in my opinion because it makes sense to me. For example, Jor-El was saying people should look up to his son as a model, someone to aspire to become. That was really enlightening because I’ve always just thought of Superman as an indestructible force and nothing else. In this, they tell you that being Superman is a figurative position, he is what he is not to save the world one problem at a time but to be someone who inspires people to become what he is and save themselves. That is really a good angle for Superman and I’m really excited on what else they elaborate about him and his life.


To get on with the trailer, this one was awesome! The previous ones were very timid but this one was all out action. When you hear General Zod screaming, you really do feel the weight of the villain, not just who he is. You get the sense that it will be a character building set up for Superman and the world that he lives in. You see Clark growing up and trying to find out who he was and where he comes from and he eventually becomes Superman. Although I do have questions on how he develops his alter ego because you don’t see him become an older Clark Kent, you just see him as a teenager then Superman. Of course this looks amazing as Zack Snyder is very visual and the dialogue here works because Goyer wrote it. In the end, it just gets me so pumped that I’ve seen it more than 10x over the last hour.


Do you have the same thoughts as I did with the trailers? Please leave comments to start up the discussion on these two films. I can’t wait until they are in theatres to blow my mind! 🙂

5 Reasons Why Being a Vegetarian is Awesome

It’s been a little over 2 months since I decided to transition from being a meat eater to a non-meat eater and I can feel the difference. I know a lot of people are still skeptical or think it’s too hard but in my opinion, you just need the right motivation and run with it. So in order to illustrate how I’ve benefited from being a vegetarian, I’ll list down five effects that I’ve noticed since I’ve started to become a vegetarian.

 1. The most obvious reason is losing weight. I’ve lost almost 15lbs since I changed my lifestyle. I didn’t change my eating habits though, I still had snacks in between 3 main meals and I barely exercised. I still ate chips and sodas but had no fast food. And the best thing about this is I gradually lost the weight, it wasn’t just one big leap. I think I lost about 2lbs a week at the start then slowly losing 1lb a week the second month. I know losing weight isn’t really my main goal but it really is a big incentive.

 2. Makes you eat less. I noticed that ever since I started eating less meat, I eat less. This meant that I don’t stuff my face until I could no longer breathe but I generally just finish what I packed for lunch and I’m already full. Now, my eating habits are better because I usually stop when I feel that my tummy is already full and stop thinking about eating more.

 3. Sleep better. Sleeping has been a huge problem with me because I’ve had insomnia before. And I couldn’t believe that being vegetarian could help with my sleeping patterns. This is because ever since I stopped eating meat, I slept better. Maybe it’s partly because I don’t eat a huge meal before I go to bed so my body doesn’t need to spend so much energy digesting food while I slept. Also, this feels great in the morning because I usually felt tired when waking up before but now I can literally jump out of bed with no problems.

 4. You feel lighter. It doesn’t literally mean to feel lighter, but you feel physically better. Like you’re not bloated or tired and very energetic. Most people think that being a vegetarian makes you weak because you don’t eat meat but it really doesn’t. So long as you make sure that you eat the right kind of veggies to make sure that you are not missing any essential nutrients, you can be as strong as any meat-eater.

 5. Makes you calmer. Before I started the transition, I made some research regarding the benefits of being a vegetarian and it supposedly makes you calmer. I don’t know if this is true but I do feel that somehow becoming a vegetarian is a form of meditation, hence it helps you think more before you act. I say this because for example, with all the food available to me, I can just stop what I’m trying to accomplish and give in to the temptation. But now, it usually takes me a while to decide whether or not I eat something. I take my time in considering everything else before I make the choice. And that to me is proof that it does make you calmer since I am an extremely impulsive person.

 So there it is, I do hope that this would help people understand vegetarianism more and stop acting aggressive towards it. I really do think that with enough understanding, people may enjoy this lifestyle for the philosophy behind it and feel that it’s just a personal choice and not an attack towards meat eaters. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂 Please leave any comments in the comment box below.

Opinions – EDSA

I think most of us have read the news about House Bill 5422 or the EDSA to be renamed Cory Aquino Avenue.  While I have nothing against late president Aquino’s credibility or accomplishments, I am actually an admirer with the fact that she was nominated for a Nobel Prize but come on, how is this relevant?  Why couldn’t you have just sent her flowers when she was still alive so that she knew she meant something to you?  With the current catastrophe with former president Arroyo and the occupy for RH issue, have we got nothing better to do than change the freaking name of EDSA.

EDSA would still be congested even if you change its name! Would there be any relevance to this matter that would alleviate poverty, or increase employment in the country? None! So why the hell are we wasting precious time with this?  Have they gone bored with ignoring the important matters in this country?

I think everybody knows that these lawmakers are missing the mark completely.  I think most logical people agree that these people are idiots who have nothing better to do than find something to make them visible, something to make them seem that they actually care when they don’t, something that would make them seem like they are doing something when they are actually just sitting around trying to look busy.

I believe that our government has turned into a showbiz entertainment bit above all else.  Politicians do more politicking than actual governance.  They become show people who want to broadcast the meaningless things they do.  But these are our leaders, whether we like it or not, we as the Filipino people have produced meaningless leaders from our own culture and our own community.  If they suck, we suck because if we are so damn good as a nation, why is it that can’t product honest, hard working and critical politicians who are more concerned with the public’s welfare than power.  These people feel the need to show off because they know they will get at least the attention of the masses and to some degree that is beneficial to their stature.

I think this is a fair representation of the Philippines today.  A seemingly superficial nation with leaders who provide entertainment and a public just enjoying the show.  When will we ever become a nation who actually cares and who will actually do something important and relevant.

Opinions – RH bill

Why is it that it has been 10 years since the RH Bill but the Congress have failed to vote on it until now? What is it with the delay? What’s taking so long? Why is it that they fail to recognize the urgency of this country’s need for this bill? Are there more important matters in the Philippines than poverty, overpopulation, death and low literacy? Is changing street names really more important than the problems I’ve mentioned? Or Hayden Kho’s sex scandal really more attention worthy than this bill that the whole country had an opinion on what to do with that than the deaths of many Filipino mothers everyday over this?

Obviously I am for RH bill, and my question for those who are opposed on it is why not? As far as I’ve read in the news or whatever media, here are the arguments against RH bill.

1. It is blasphemous. Well first of all, this has nothing to do with religion and belief. Trying to avoid deaths and keeping the population under control has nothing to do with God. Our government was established to preserve and fight for the rights of the people, and that includes the rights under this bill. The bill includes the right to family planning and to health care related to it. So why does that have to be against anybody’s religion?

2. The bill considers abortion. I have scanned through a copy of the bill and it does not include anything about abortion. Do not read between the lines, the law is straight forward and explicitly enumerates the rights that we should have and it has nothing to do with your messed up interpretations. Well they would say the idea of using contraceptives is the equivalent of abortion, but how could that be? Isn’t contraception one of the things we could use to actually avoid abortions?

3. The bill treats the masses like they are idiots. Some people would stress that since we provide contraceptives and the appropriate knowledge on family planning to people that we assume they know nothing and cannot attain this information. I don’t know why this is an issue because the bill has nothing to do with this. Even I who’s a university graduate, who’s got access to internet and a gazillion books don’t know all my options when it comes to birth control. So why should it be that families who want the help of an expert to give them advice to control their family wrong?

4. This is for the benefit of pharma companies selling contraceptives. So this is just about consumerism? Really? The amount of money to be spent in contraceptives is not a significant amount compared to the money we need to raise all the accidental births in the Philippines. The funds needed to establish housing and schooling for all these kids, not to mention the employment they would need afterwards are more relevant matters than just buying the damn things.

It’s been 10 years and we still don’t have our answer. Why is it that we can’t take a stand? Why is it that we can’t push this enough? Doesn’t it matter? Don’t you think it could solve some problems? I’m not saying that it could solve everything but it’s a start. We can’t complain that our streets are swarming with uneducated people with no food and no idea what to do if we also fail to act on our part which is to push our democratic rights. I really hope more people care about things like this to speak or even do something about it. Our progress is dependent on our capability to know our rights and fight for them.