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Elysium – Spoilers and Thoughts

I love Blomkamp, I really do, his work just seems so thoughtful to me that I really love it. You know that one movie that embeds a director in your head forever, for example Nolan with Memento, that’s what District 9 was for Blomkamp. But when I saw Elysium, I felt a little sad because I had mixed feelings about this movie. I don’t know if it was the long wait or that I was tired when I saw it but I left the movie thinking Blomkamp could have done better. Don’t get me wrong, he did good but it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it should be. And to clarify, I didn’t have ridiculous expectations for the movie; I just thought that it would be a lot better than just being decent.


Warning, if you did not read the title, this sentiment is not without spoilers so tread likely (Breaking Bad reference, hahaha!)


Characters and character development in this movie were not as defined as they should be, especially Max. Max’s character arc was supposed to be I’m selfish to I’m selfless but it just felt like “hey, I’m an ass who is trying to stay alive to hey, I care about the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, fine, you can kill me”. Oh yeah, spoilers, he died in the end. I just didn’t feel that he went through enough crap trying to save himself and then suddenly saw that glimmer of hope that is in his hands, or rather head, and decided, I’m now ok to sacrifice my life for the betterment of the rest of humanity. I just didn’t feel that there was enough transition for his character to be where he finally ended up being.


Next, Jodie Foster’s character was weird (together with her lip movements that sounded dubbed, or maybe she was a heartless robot? I don’t know) because she tries to feel powerful beyond everyone and yet she feels disconnected to both earth and Elysium. She doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere, not only because of her accent but her being distinguished feels detached rather than powerful.


Lastly, I really liked Spider’s character but his motivations are extremely far off. To put this into perspective, he was a mercenary after power ( I assume) as exhibited by him sending people to Elysium for a large fee and also you know, his gunmen. But he wants to take Elysium down, why? Because he wants equality? That doesn’t make sense. Why would a guy interested in money give out charity and want equality. He just seems misplaced. Also, I thought that people from Elysium were idiots for hiring Krueger rather than Spider. If they hired Spider as their earth pawn, then no one can ever disturb Elysium. For one, no one will have the shuttles to get there as Spider has control over it. Second, no technology can be used against them because the mind behind taking down Elysium would be Spider himself. Lastly, if Spider was sitting in a butt load of money, he wouldn’t be interested in sending people to Elysium for a lousy fee to just get deported.


There were some hidden meanings that led to confusion. This obviously pertains to the setting. The language and the demeanor of people were peculiar. How? It’s understandable that people from Elysium are detached from earth because that’s how it is today but the way that their leaders behave was particularly weird. For example, it took Krueger’s team only a few hand grenades to effectively crush the most powerful place in Elysium. Why? Because they apparently have robots to watch you tan yourself but no robots to watch over the most powerful people on Elysium. Also, they buy these robots made on earth and for what? Nothing? Well not to guard the mainframe which can damage the entire system. On why that is, I don’t understand. I would like to think that this is because people in Elysium have a false sense of infallibility. They think that no one can touch them therefore no one can ever threaten their status and their habitat for that matter.  This can be true especially with Jodie Foster. I mean she thought she was in charge but then killed by a crazy soldier which makes sense but still disconnected.


Also, in a place where people are greedy, of course they had to be or else they would stay on earth, why has it that no one has staged a coup other than Jodie Foster. It was obvious that people who had the power called the shots but why is it that no one attempted to grab it before. I mean was it only Jodie Foster who thought of it and the hacker himself never thought, hey I can reset the system of Elysium, why not make myself richer by becoming president to ensure my wealth?


The message gets muddled. I’m all about cautionary tales (or in this case, a story of what is actually happening) but if you want to send a message make it clear. This story felt to me like it’s about immigration but it’s really about healthcare (with the obvious nods on the medbay); but why? Is earth only inhabited by the sickly? Isn’t there anyone going hungry on earth that’s why they are going sick? Or are all of earth’s diseases just congenital or gunshot wounds. People can eat but can’t walk, is that this dystopic future? Because if it is, then they should be happier than they are. In a place where there is no hunger and no war and all you need to worry about is disease, then that’s a pretty good place to be. That can even be considered a little bit of paradise. But the director obviously aimed to show disparity, he made it so clear with just the habitat, but in the story, he only made it about healthcare and it is obvious that the disparity between humans in his world is beyond just healthcare. It is partially about healthcare but not ultimately just healthcare. I just feel that the message could have been clearer and more concise like people are dying of disease because the resources are depleted, there is no food and there is no medication; people are killing off one another to survive due to desperation. I mean in this world, it is more likely to kill someone else and not get caught as compared to migrating to Elysium and not get caught. The reality of the message is just so watered down that it is hard to take a hold of.


Was it just me or do you feel the same way about Elysium? If anyone can tell me where the thought went wrong please do, because I really want to like this movie more than I did. These things may not be so apparent in the movie but they did bother me when I was trying to make sense of the movie.


Idiots guide for fishing for compliments

So your life is miserable and nobody cares what you do? Fear not! Because there’s a new way to get people to recognize how pathetic your life really is and people would think it’s awesome! How? Here’s a boring proof idiot guide into fishing for compliments AND ATTENTION! With 3 easy ways, you can fish for compliments and make people notice you without actually doing anything!


 1. Try to appear to be doing something worthwhile. For example, take a picture of any random act during the day, post it on instagram and with an imaginative and descriptive hashtag and voila! Instant cool reactions from your friends (who are also fishing for compliments, so don’t forget to like what they are doing too!)

 Like meter: 20 likes

2. Try to be at the scene. For example, stand in a long line for something completely ridiculous like donuts; take a picture before, during and after the act. Make sure to post pictures while it’s happening so people will know that you are on the scene and is hot on the spot. For additional attention, don’t forget to post statuses with complaints on how hard it is to stand in a long line and  make sure that people understand that you have the time and money to stand in a line for hours just for the heck of it.

 Like meter: 50 likes

3. For the ultimate fishing for compliments must do. Take a selfie in the mirror and comment on how you feel. Whether it’s lonely, happy, congested or constipated, people will definitely like and even comment on how pretty you must be. Don’t forget to highlight that you just woke up or that it’s no filter or that it’s the natural look, there is no such thing as a meaningless description. Make sure to comment back on how you don’t feel the need for the compliment because that will surely render more compliments! Also make sure that hastags (no matter how long and how many they are) should be on the post of the picture to make sure people from the world notice you and your grandeur!

 Like meter: 100 likes!!!

So that’s about it! Easy right? Just do this everyday for the rest of your life and you assure yourself that you will be loved. No need to do anything for real, no hassle of real life, with just the simple tool of social media, you can appear to be something even when you aren’t – and it isn’t that every one’s dream come true?

Why I’m Holding Out to Go to the Cinemas

I’ve been an avid movie goer since I was in high school. I used to watch movies almost every week in the city cinema just to see what was showing. But lately, I haven’t been visiting the cinemas. I think the last movie I even saw in the cinema was The Dark Knight Rises. (Yes, I was not able to see The Hobbit due to my schedule and I know I suck) I know that that may seem to be unforgivable for a movie fanatic but I do have a good reason for that. In fact I have three.

1. Watching movies is sacred. I view the movie going experience as sacred. Watching a movie is like a ritual, you check the movie you like, you check the best schedule for it, you buy the ticket, get the popcorn and sit in the theatre waiting to be wowed by what you are about to see. It’s not just some random thing you do when you have nothing else to do in the mall, where you sit through 2 hours of moving pictures just to pass the time. You are there to experience the visuals and the sounds that the theatre provides and lose yourself to the life inside the movie. It’s hard enough to transport yourself within the movie if it sucks but if you have to deal with annoying movie goers who talk and text during the movie, I just feel that it’s just not worth it.

2. I don’t want to see just any movie. I want to see a movie worth my time and effort to go to the cinemas for. I want to see something special and not just random movie that’s available to watch. As you may have noticed in my blog, I am one lazy person. If I can get away with not leaving the house for anything, well, except travel, I won’t even change out of my pajamas and get out of my apartment. If I like the story, the director or the actor, I’ll summon the energy to get my butt into an awesome cinema but if it’s just some movie, I’ll just wait for it to be available online. On a side note, I guess you may be wondering how am I supposed to know if a movie is good without seeing it? That’s easy research. You can always check out what you need to know about a movie before you go out and see it, there are a ton of reliable movie reviewers on youtube that watch advanced screenings so that you don’t have to suffer to pay and watch horrible movies.

3. I’m too cheap. Yes, this is part of my reason. My average expense while watching a movie is almost 500php. I know in other countries it’s much more expensive but here in the Philippines, that’s a bit of a luxury, and that is a luxury I’d rather not indulge. So you buy the ticket about P200, you buy your popcorn and your soda, that’s another P200. Then lastly, you buy something sweet, probably candy, that’s P100. So that about P500, that’s not even counting the bus ticket to and from the cinema. That’s what I mean by luxurious. And if you think I could go to the movies without the complete set, then you’re wrong.

I think all this started when I saw Skyline, which is probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. You see, I went on a weekend, so I had to shower, get dressed and get on a bus just to go to the cinemas instead of just watching on my computer. Also, I was treating out a friend which meant that not only did I pay for our tickets but I also had to buy our food. And lastly, I had to sit through the whole freaking movie. It was horrible and after that experience, I realized that watching that movie was such a waste of my time and money that I should be more picky in what I should watch in the cinemas. I realized that I may love movies, but not all movies deserve the love it gets, so from then on, I scrutinized every movie that’s showing in the theatres before I go out and see it and I have no regrets in doing so.

For now, I haven’t been to the cinemas. I did consider seeing Jack the Giant Slayer or Oz: The Great and Powerful but because they had mixed reviews, I didn’t rush to the theatres to see it. I may have to wait until the summer movies start before I start going but that’s fine. I’m completely satisfied with watching old movies that I haven’t seen. Because at least I can make sure that I’ll enjoy watching the movie and I won’t get disappointed.

Random Thoughts – Christmas

I’ve never really celebrated Christmas, and it’s not even because I’m an atheist because my life is still cumulatively Christian at the moment. My family just never did, I didn’t have any godparents to visit and never that many presents to open on Christmas morning. But that never really bothered me, I guess that has something to do with why my family didn’t celebrate Christmas in the first place. Because when I asked my parents and grandparents why we never celebrated Christmas, they would always tell me, we just don’t have the money. And to me, that made perfect sense. Coming from a lower middle class family, I knew that we had no means to be extravagant. We couldn’t afford to have a generous noche buena or excessive gifts that way out of the family budget and that never really upset me in any way. I mean seeing my cousins getting gifts and even money for Christmas when I didn’t have any was a non-issue to me. And with that in mind, Christmas wasn’t really much of a big deal.

This tradition on non-celebration is carried out until present, but now, despite the fact that we can afford to buy hamon and keso de bola on our table, my mom would always choose to give it to charity. I mean it’s nothing huge like a large sum or anything, it’s sometimes just rice or clothes but I get the point. Most of my friends also practice this and a lot of people I know really make a big deal of charity when the Christmas season comes. They really “give back”, as they put it, to the less fortunate which is probably the best thing about Christmas. I may not be able to understand why people celebrate the birth of Christ, but I go comprehend the idea of giving back to the less fortunate.

This accepted and glorified idea of giving back on Christmas is probably the reason why I chose to ask a donation as my gift this Christmas. I thought people would be delighted that I didn’t ask any weird book. But somehow, my wish wasn’t as accepted as I wanted it to be. Being an atheist, I thought Christians would understand this idea of gift giving better but it really struck a cord in me that they would rather buy me something than give someone who has nothing. Why was that so hard to do? Or they just thought the idea was too cheeky? I mean it only takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and another 10 minutes to deposit the money in the bank. Was that really harder than spending 30 minutes shopping?

I didn’t ask anything for myself because for one, I didn’t want anything this Christmas. I have a steady job and a healthy family so I didn’t care for anything else. Second, I wanted somebody else to get something this Christmas, why would I ask for a gift that I don’t want if I can give it to somebody else? Lastly, I got through college through a foundation and I wanted to share the idea of giving less fortunate people a chance to start. Why was this idea not accepted? Why can’t it be just what it is?

Humanity in general is really disappointing. Everybody’s too busy spending their time in malls rather than looking at humanity’s problems at hand. And they say celebrating Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ through giving but somehow, when I look around, I really don’t see this. Christians should live as Christ did, which was supposed to be the main thought of Christianity. Kind, giving and doesn’t complain. But now when you try to evaluate people, it doesn’t really match up. People pride themselves in being Christians that have nothing to do with how Christ lived, it’s embarrassing. When will people ever own up to what they call themselves? When will people prove Nietzsche wrong when he said Christ was the only Christian. I wish people would live up to who they’re supposed to be.

Napag-isipan ko lang – Pagbabago

Sabi nga nila, lahat ng bagay nagbabago. Hindi mo pwedeng baguhin yun, kasama na un sa mundo. Nagbabago ang liwanag at nagiging dilim sa pagdaan ng araw, ang Lunes ay nagiging Martes, Miyerkules hanggang maging Lunes ulit, nagpapalit ang kulay ng mga dahon mula sa berde hanggang malanta at tuluyan ng malaglag sa lupa, lumalamig at umiinit din ang panahon. Lahat ng bagay sa mundo nagbabago, pero ibig bang sabihin noon ay pati tayo ay nagbabago. Porket bang tuloy tuloy ang ikot ng mundo pati ba tayo nagbabago? Kasama ba tayong nagbabago ng klima at pagpapalit ng presidente? Kapag nagpalit ba tayo ng trabaho at mga kaibigan, pati tayo nagbabago? Kapag nakapagbasa ka ba ng bagong libro or manood ng bagong palabas, ibig bang sabihin noon pati ikaw ay nagbago na?

Sa pagdaan ng araw at paglipas ng panahon, ang daming nagbabago sa paligid ko at sakin na rin siguro. Nakatapos na ako ng pag-aaral, nagsimula ng magtrabaho, nagkaroon ng ibang kaibigan, lumipat ng trabaho, sumali sa kung ano-anong laro, nakakilala ng iba pang tao. Nagbago na lahat sa akin, hindi na ako parehas magsalita sa dati, iba na rin ang mga sinusuot ko, iba na rin ang aking relo, iba na rin ang parati kong kasamang mga kaibigan, humaba at nagpagupit na rin ako ng buhok ng maraming beses, pero iisa pa rin ang tanong sa aking isipan, nagbago na ba talaga ako?

Minsan sinabi ko rin sa sarili kong magbabago na ako, hindi na ako magiging tamad, lahat ng sinabi ko ay gagawin ko, matututo na akong maging magalang, hindi na ako magiging magaslaw, hindi na ako magsasabi ng mga bagay na makakasakit sa ibang tao. Sinabi kong susubok ako ng mga bagay na hindi ko pa nasusubukan, lalabas ako ng bahay kahit tinatamad ako, gagawin ko ang mga bagay na hindi ako sigurado para malaman ko kung hanggang saan ako pwede pumunta. Yung iba nagawa ko, yung iba hindi masyado, pero dahil ba nasabi ko sa sarili ko na babaguhin ko ang nakasanayan kong ugali, nagbago na ba talaga ako?

Minsan gusto kong isipin na hindi, hindi ako nagbago, ako pa rin ngayon kung sino ako nung mga nakaraang taon. Ako pa rin ito dahil iyon ang nasa isip ko, ano ba kasing ibig sabihin ng nagbago ka? Ako pa rin to, parehas pa rin ang aking mga gusto, parehas pa rin ang mga pangarap at ako pa rin na nasa loob ng utak ko. Hindi naman nagbabago yun at palagay ko, hindi iyon magbabago ng basta basta. Kaso pwede rin na nagbago na ako at ayaw ko lang tanggapin dahil ayaw kong gumalaw. Ayaw kong harapin ang mga bagay kasama ng pagbabago. Gusto ko sa kinatatayuan ko ngayon, gusto ko ang ihip ng hangin dito, tama lang naman, hindi naman kailangan lumipat sa ibang pwesto. Pwede ba akong magbago ng hindi ko gusto?

Alam kong iikot ang mundo kahit anong mangyari. Hindi ko ito kaya pahintuin para hintayin akong makababa, makasakay o kahit sumabay sa galaw niya. Hindi ko pwedeng bagalan o bilisan ang paggalaw ng mga araw sa aking pagnanais, wala akong ibang solusyon kundi sumabay sa sariling galaw ng mundo. Kaso minsan, nalalaglag ako sa bilis ng ikot, minsan naman natatameme ako sa bagal, alin ba talaga ang dapat? Sa alin ba talaga ako magiging komportable? San nga ba ako magiging masaya?

Siguro wala sa ikot ng mundo ang problema. Siguro hindi sa bagal at bilis ng pagdaan ng panahon ang gusto kong mabago kundi kung paano ako sumasabay sa agos ng buhay. Gusto kong umindak sa sarili kong musika, gusto kong gumalaw ayon sa sarili kong tempo. Pwede naman ata eh, bakit ko nga ba kailangan sumabay sa paggulong ng mundo? Bakit ko nga ba kailangan sumabay sa alon? Pwede akong huminto kung kelan ko gusto at pwede ako tumakbo o lumakad kung kelan ko gusto? Wala naman makakapigil sa gusto natin hindi ba? Gagalaw lahat, ang mundo at ako, pero sa tingin ko, pwede naman kanya kanya kami ng galaw, ayaw ko humabol sa mabilis, ayaw kong maglakad kung mabagal? Kung hindi man kami sabay, anu ngayon? Iikot pa rin naman ang buhay hindi ba?

Random Thoughts – Superheroes

We all have heroes, whether be it fictional or real live people, we have someone that we look up, someone we admire, someone we wish we could become. But somehow, we always tell ourselves, we can never be as good as they can be, we will never have the heart that they have or the conviction that they bring. We can never achieve what they have accomplished or outdo anything that they have done. But at some point, I have asked myself why can’t we be our own heroes? Why do we have to see the power in other people instead to just exercising our own?

So in an attempt to become a hero or even a small part hero myself, I tried to join an office activity for an outreach program. I thought it would be a good use of my time and I would probably meet someone to inspire me to be more than just some random person. And I guess I was right, because that’s where I met PJ.

This was not my first time to meet a sick kid but something about his smile brought light to my world, not that I was gloomy or anything. But it amazed me that an injured 5 year old kid who was alone in the hospital greeted me with such great joy. I don’t know if I’m just that much of a cynic but I was stunned with the idea that a kid that young understood the fact that he had to be alone because his mom needed to work during the day. He had his whole leg up the thing and was eating his lunch like an adult, not needing any assistance or not even needing a parent to tell him to eat in the first place. It was amazing to me that he was living in reality and had a clear understanding of what that meant but wasn’t afraid to face it.

When I looked at him and talked to him, his lively attitude really brought me to shame, I didn’t understand whether he was just naïve or if I was just too corrupted. And it immediately hit me, I’m never going to be a hero compared to this kid. He was in pain and he was alone but he did it with a smile on his face. He couldn’t even stand up or has no one to hold his hand but he smiled at me like his mom was there or that he had every idea that everything was just fine.

It was crazy to think that this kid can do it and I can barely smile when I’m stressed out. How can I be as brave as this kid who almost had nothing, literally nothing, and he knew it, but still have that attitude. It kind of slaps you in the face when someone like that moves you, when someone smiles at you with all the life that he has and takes away all your cynicism in the world. And with his smile, he changed my whole idea of a hero.

I used to think that heroes were were superhumans. They had unbelievable will, higher intellect and undying strength. My heroes were these smart aggressive people who wanted to change the world and did, but now, I couldn’t help but see him as someone more than that despite how he is.

I think the reason why we can’t see ourselves as heroes is because we have the wrong idea of what a hero should be. We have this idea that heroes can do no wrong and they can withstand anything. We have the idea that our heroes can create magic and powers than can change lives without even trying. But maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s not the strengths that defines a hero. It’s not the intellect, the talent and the charm manifesting in a person that creates a hero, but rather just the mere perseverance is enough to make a hero. And since I believe that anyone who struggles to get out of bed every morning have that, maybe we are all heroes. Just something to think about.

Napag-isipan ko lang – Ingles at Tagalog

Hindi naman kasi ako magaling magtagalog, hindi din ako naman ako sobrang galing mag-ingles. Nagkataon lang talaga na mas mabilis akong maghanap ng mga salita sa ingles kesa sa tagalog kaya iyon ang parati kong ginagamit sa pagsusulat. Mas madami din kasi akong nabasa at narinig na nasa ingles na mahirap naman isalin sa tagalog kaya mahirap din isulat kung sakin manggaling. Baka mag iba pa ang ibig sabihin kaya mahirap naman baguhin.

Hindi naman talaga ganun kahirap magsulat, kahit ano naman pwede mong isulat, kahit anong makita mo, tao, bagay, lugar, pagkain, laro, lahat pwede mong isulat, ang mahirap yata ay kung pano mo siya sasabihin, kung paano magtutugma ang nasa iyong isip at iyong sinasabi. Mahirap pa nyan at kung magkakaintindihan ba kayo ng nagbabasa, parehas ba kayo ng naiisip or binabasa lang niya ang hindi niya naiintindihan.

May nagsabi sakin na kaya onti lang nagbabasa ng gawa ko kasi nasa ingles ito, at minsan mahirap intindihin kasi hindi naman kilala ng lahat kung sino sino iyong mga tinutukoy ko. Siguro nga tama siya, hindi lahat ng tao naiintindihan ang sinasabi ko, pero dahil ba iyon sa ginamit kong mga salita o dahil sa laman ng aking mga sinulat.

Hindi ko alam kung alin ang mas importante, ang gumamit ng mga salitang mas naiintindihan pero hindi ko naman masabi ang lahat ng aking nais, or gumamit ng mga salitang nahihirapan intindihin ng mga nagbabasa pero buo naman ang gusto kong sabihin. Alin nga ba ang mas importante, alin ba dapat ang kailangan kong baguhin?

Hindi naman din ako pasosyal kaya ako mahilig gumamit ng ingles, hindi din naman ako makata para gumamit ng malalim na tagalog. Paano ko nga naman kaya isusulat ang mga bagay sa mga salitang hindi ko alam at paano din naman ako iintindihin ng mga nagbabasa kung hindi nila alam ang aking sinasabi. Ang hirap. Nagkamali ata ako, mahirap pa lang magsulat. Mahirap pala sabihin kung ano talaga ang iyong nasa isip. Baka kaya madaming taong hindi na lang nagsasalita, kasi baka iniisip nilang hindi sila maiintindihan ng kausap nila. Baka kaya madami din taong nahihiyang magsulat kahit gusto pa nila, dahil takot silang hindi maparating ang kanilang gustong sabihin.

Random Thoughts – Thoughts versus Actions

What defines us? This has been one of the big questions that have always fascinated me. I think a lot of us have a different point of view regarding this one, but for me, there are only things that I consider valid with the idea of identity, and that is out thoughts and actions.

Our thoughts are mainly the things inside our head. I think this can be used to identify us because it is extremely personal to each individual. To me, this is the immediate idea that comes to our head when triggered by something. Like what we think when a friend asks us a direct question, or what our opinion is on a controversial matter. This is not necessarily the things that we say but these are the things that we think and know is true. It’s the preference that we actually are, not the things that we make people see. It’s the song in our heads that we sing to all the time not the music choice we pick as our image. In a sense I think we can be our thoughts because they are pure and cannot be tampered with. We can’t undo thinking about something or distort our initial point of view and I think that reveals a person’s true nature.

On the other hand, our actions are the things that we do which directly relates to how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others. This is influenced by our thoughts but not necessarily what we are thinking. This is something that goes out into the world for other people to see and interpret. This is what we do and how we react to the world around us. It’s when we think something is bad for us but we still do it anyway or when we do something that is considered the right thing to do even when it is against our opinion. And since our thoughts and actions are sometimes not on the same page, it shows that our actions are filtered. We can always pick and choose the things that we do which sometimes isn’t necessarily who we are. Our actions may or may not reflect our true intentions but despite the fact that we can screen through all our actions with a sieve before it goes out in public, these are the things that make an impact. These are the things that are directly related and identified with us and that obviously implies our identity.

So what is it that really defines us? A lot of people say thoughts are meaningless without actions and that is true. Our ideas are just ideas inside our head which we can choose not to share with the world unlike our actions which exhibits tangible ideas and have consequences. But still, our actions are controlled because we can select the things that we think are appropriate. And in times when we have no time to sift through our actions, we lose the sense of control in our actions and we become our thoughts.

So are we our thoughts or our actions? We can choose what we do but can’t filter what we think. We can say and do things that are perceived as good but that may not be our true nature. We can think great ideas and dream of the best things in life but without our actions these things will never be anything.

Up until today, I still don’t fully understand which one we are. Are we the thoughts that exists only in our heads but are unaltered or are we the actions that are filtered but are the things that have an impact on our world? Or are we even one or the other or we can be both? I don’t even know if I will find the answer I’m looking for, or worse, if this question has any relevance to life at all but somehow, i think when you ask yourself this question and find the answer, you get this feeling of relief and you’d be able to better move forward.

Random Thoughts – Will

There are worse things in life. This is what I always tell myself when I’m faced with the disappointments in life. And it really doesn’t matter what kind of disappointment it maybe, I just know that the magnitude of my problems is literally nothing compared to the suffering of the world.

I’m always annoyed when people have self-pity, to the extent that I always tell them they should just commit suicide if they don’t stop complaining. Really, I do tell them that because I have no sympathy for those people who get up every morning thinking that they are losers and they can do nothing right because they’re insecure or whatever. Or maybe that their boyfriend left them and that they hate their jobs. Or that they don’t have enough money to buy material things or that they will never get anywhere. I mean wtf, people in the world have no food to eat or even water to drink and you’re complaining about not having enough money to be extravagant. Get real! Some people are just happy to be alive! They are just happy that there’s no bullets flying anywhere outside, or that somehow their addict parents don’t beat the crap out of them today. What the hell is your problem? Do you really need the whole freaking yards to be happy?

I’m not saying that it’s not ok to get insecure or feel failure, but to focus on the negatives is just so unproductive. Where will that get you? Instead of trying to make yourself better, you’re making it worse for yourself. And much worse, you’re making it hard on other people too, with all that complaining crap. People will listen, yes, but there is only too much listening and advice that people can give, you have to find the fight inside you to stay alive in order to really live.

I think the problem here is being too self-important. When you think the world stops just because you have problems or that the world will end if you don’t get exactly what you want. Newsflash, the world is indifferent towards you. Reality will not cease to exist despite how you think, the universe will not even feel it even if you die. It will have the same number of particles whether or not you’re breathing, so stop thinking that everything is about you. There is famine, death, war and all other sufferings in the world, stop being self-centered. There are a lot of tragedies in life, not getting what you want is not one of them. Stop complaining and start planning it out. Complaining will get you nowhere, stepping up and actually doing something about it will.

Unfortunately, you can’t give a person the will to live, they have to find that for themselves. You can’t teach them to live the life they are living. If they consider themselves to be hopeless, that’s their opinion and you can’t change that. No advice, no words of wisdom can move a person with a dead mindset.

Random Thoughts – Facebook Mentality

I’ve been a Facebook addict since I’ve stopped using Friendster, I didn’t even want to start it since I thought Friendster and Facebook were the same banana, but since Friendster was becoming obsolete, I created an account.

Facebook has definitely changed the way people interact, it helps you look for people you thought you could never talk to again and share your life with people who are so far away. I would like to think that this social revolution is mostly good but now, it’s really becoming a nuisance.

Viral wallposts, notes and pictures. I think this summarizes most of the stupid things we see on facebook. Please stop reposting crap on the internet. As said over and over again, JUST BECAUSE IT’S ON FACEBOOK DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TRUE. I don’t think any of us are unfamiliar with the idea of the world wide web and that anyone can post anything, EVEN FALSE INFORMATION online. Hell, you can even make a website labeled as facts and none of it can be true. So why the hell do we believe this crap on facebook?

You do it because you care. Reposting health, warnings, and other BS on facebook because you care. In all honesty, you are not helping anybody by reposting what you think might help them. You are actually spreading false truths that make people dumber than they already are. Most people just read things and not even evaluate what they read. For example, this new viral shit regarding melting contact lenses. Did you seriously fall for this? You don’t even have to research for this one for you to realize this is crap. Do you really think people who made contact lenses are that stupid? And that no tests were made to check if contact lenses melt in different temperatures before they were sold worldwide? Is it really that hard to take 2minutes to think about that before you post this online?

You are trying to spread awareness. As a friend of mine ranted, spreading awareness in facebook can only go so far. If you really care, you would get your butt out of your chair and actually do something. Stop clicking and starting doing. Haven’t you realize that most effective advocates only maintain their facebook accounts to post events or posters and that’s it. They have no time to post and repost crap on the internet.

You do it just in case it’s true. This is one of the dumbest excuses of all time. Makes me think of some other bullshit that’s been going around for centuries. Guys, spreading false information online is not something to be passive about. The internet is already filled up with so much crap that you want to add up to it? Are you really that irresponsible for the things you share with the people who are supposed to be your friends?

RESEARCH. Google is just a tab away from being clicked. How hard is it to research before you repost something? Just make sure your source is credible and not the same crap you see online. Sometimes, you don’t have to even research, you just have to take a minute and THINK. Remember, think before you click. Everything follows logic, if it doesn’t seem logical, then some of it might be bogus. How hard can those two things be?

People who have nothing to do are laughing their asses off to people who believe their crap. Do you really want to be the victim?