Daydreaming Diary


I do like to travel. I really love discovering places that I’ve only dreamed of seeing in my lifetime. I love meeting new people and learning the history and culture of a place first hand. Truth is, if I was given enough funds, I’ll probably quit my job and just go travel, which I eventually plan to do after a gazillion payments I need to make (oh life, why must you kick me in the face so that I have to face reality).

For me there is really nothing like travelling, it makes you feel alive and it makes you feel unstoppable. It makes you feel like there’s no going back only moving further. Sometimes I wished I lived in Pandora where I can get those flying things and just go around the planet until I see everything. But there are no such things, and I am bound by financial and social responsibilities. Although I can dream, can’t I? And sooner (I hope) rather than later, I can visit the places I’ve so often researched about. I’ll get to experience what it’s like to be in that culture, to live another person’s life even for just a day.

It seems like such an ambitious dream to hope for. With all that is on our plate that we try to feed ourselves with, freedom is a luxury and no longer a right. We are now bound to a life of immediate pleasures and prolonged indulgences where we fail to see what is ahead of us. We come to a life where we settle than become content which are two different things. We are not people who reach for the farthest stars and be happy, we are a people who reach the nearest star and stay there. It’s kind of a depressing thought really, but sometimes in solitude, I do think about leaving it all behind to just be.

I imagine myself being on a train, a train I have no idea where it’s headed. But I’m excited to find out where it’s going. Then you step off the platform and feel the cold breeze on the back of your head and you feel tired but brand new. It’s a wonderful feeling to get somewhere you’ve never been before. You think to yourself, it’s a new adventure ahead of me, carpe diem as they would often say. You can see the new place with all its new colors and smells and you start to absorb it in every inch of your soul. You feel brighter but somehow stretched out.


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