Lists / Challenges

I want to do a lot of things. Literally. I want to travel, read books, watch movies, go skydiving, say it and I’ve probably thought of doing it at least once. And being the competitive person that I am, in order for me to accomplish anything, I always try to make it a challenge for myself. It’s obviously tricking myself into doing something but for me it’s an effective way to make sure I don’t veer away from my goals. Plus, it gives me a little pat on the back when I see that some of my goals have been accomplished.

So far, below are my outstanding challenges that I wish to cross off:

1. 2013 To Do List – I still have to wait for the end of the year to cross this one off

2. 5 movies, 5 directors (Start Feb 28) – This was to be until end of March, but will be extending this until end of April to give way to my Asimov Challenge.

3. Isaac Asimov (Start March 23) – 15 books on the Robots and Foundation series to be finished by the end of April.

I’ll be constantly updating this page for all the challanges and will be creating a page for each challenge and update those individually. I hope you have fun seeing the updates on my challenges and hope that you’d also become inspired to make challenges yourself 🙂


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